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Automated Information from Voice-Activated Community Concierge in Huntsville, AL

Residences and care centers are seeing more integration of advanced information technology than ever before. Tech-savvy tenants want a way to stay connected, get the information they need using the fastest resources, and not waste time searching for the right person to provide it. Innoviv - IoT offers that opportunity for communities large and small through the implementation of our voice-activated community concierge. This unique software resides on existing, easy-to-use hardware that facilities managers and users utilize almost every day and offers the knowledge they need to be more informed, productive, and efficient in their daily lives.

Smart virtual concierge features in Huntsville, AL

Smart Features of the Virtual Concierge

Innoviv - IoT‘s Virtual Concierge is more than just “Googling” or music on demand. It allows community members to tap into not only access the Internet’s deep reservoir of local and international knowledge but also the intrinsic information of their residential building as well through effortless voice prompts. With our digital solution, they get insider information on event schedules, community happenings, building layout and direction guidance, and more. Residents will like the ease at which they can keep up with community happenings, and future residents and family will be impressed by our use of tech to serve all.

Live & Automated Concierge Assistance

Need more information or wish to talk to someone to help you locate anything? With our Concierge Manager feature, you can speak directly to a live, accessible Concierge and get help when you need it. By initiating a call and activating those services via voice prompt, you will get an immediate live response. Or, if no one is available, you will get an automated response letting you know that someone will get right back to you. For older tenants, this component of the seamless Virtual Concierge experience gives them options they know and trust (via a live agent) while not sacrificing tech integration they could adopt and use far into the future.

Additional Voice Activated Technologies

Innoviv - IoT is not stopping with our Virtual Concierge. We believe other devices and technologies that we built into our platform will continue to help our residents thrive. We know we can make their new residence a home built on a vision to encourage community. To accomplish this, our company incorporates new innovations every day for the ideal residential experience, including:

  • Wireless Pendants and Devices for Location-Based Services
  • Health-Monitoring Devices including Wearable Devices
  • Devices That Monitor Vital Signs or Even Manage Medications
  • Temperature and Humidity Controls
  • Access Controls
  • Lighting
  • Ceiling & Exhaust Fans
  • And more

Contact Innoviv - IoT for Better Automated Assistance

Giving residents access to expert automated information dramatically improves independence, morale, and productivity. With Innoviv - IoT’s Virtual Concierge, you can integrate the advanced innovations s search for when choosing the right residence and give them valuable ways to stay connected, intelligent, and informed. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and let us modernize your systems for a more efficient tomorrow.

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