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The Next Evolution of eSports Gaming Simulators in Huntsville, AL

Simulators are becoming more sophisticated with the rise in popularity of eSports. These dream machines have improved and evolved to include experiences that rival the real thing and are attracting a new generation of gamers looking for the rush. At Innoviv - IoT, we’re racing to the forefront of this revolution, designing customized, realistic simulators from the wheels up and training drivers for our own eSports team!

Racing simulator in Huntsville, AL

Entering the eSports Arena

Building, owning, and operating today’s most sophisticated racing simulators make developing our own drivers a natural match. By designing, testing, and optimizing custom simulator rigs, we’re not only helping to build our business, but we’re also helping to give back. We groom and train drivers, nurture their athletic talents and give them a career where they can earn money online. Innoviv - IoT sees eSports and racing simulation as a way to reach out to those who normally would not be exposed to auto racing due to their socioeconomic surroundings and hopefully attract and expand the ever-growing footprint of eSports in our communities.

Why Racing Simulators?

Most teams recognize the training and development value race simulators offer. They are able to speed up and develop drivers well before they get behind the wheel of a real racecar. Through driving in a simulation, drivers improve in digital vehicles not physical ones, enhancing safety and saving more on vehicle purchase costs, parts, and repairs. In fact, simulators have proven to be the next best environment for honing and perfecting future drivers due to the realism, identical controls, and customized conditions of a race.

Advanced Racing Simulator Rigs

To perfect the simulation experience for our drivers and athletes, Innoviv - IoT builds our custom rigs to order. From concept to complete operational units, we fabricate components, systems and complete custom rigs to scale. Our rigs are as accurate to real life as possible and give drivers the ability to hone driving skills and techniques in real-time. More than having fun and developing driving skills, however, our rigs also serve as official eSports training grounds. Both drivers and tire chassis designers practice their serious art and make themselves and their products better. Our rigs are the perfect vehicles for hours of repetition, occasional frustration, thrills, development, and most importantly, just plain fun.

Contact Innoviv - IoT to Explore Our Simulators and eSports Opportunities

Whether you’re searching for the perfect simulator setup or a chance to earn in the eSports arena, Innoviv - IoT is your premier resource in the world of racing simulation and eSports. Our company will take your skills to the next level using today’s leading technology and allow you to experience the thrill of the track from behind the wheel like a pro. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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