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Protect Your Investment Through Advanced Asset Tracking in Huntsville, AL

People & Asset Tracking Systems (PATS) answer the essential questions of who, where, and when. Organizations worldwide are drawn to PATS, as they provide administration and management visibility of the personnel, residents, and valuable assets in real-time and allow them to track status and location from one central hub. Innoviv - IoT stands as the premier PATS resource for living complexes and facility managers in Huntsville, AL. With our innovative PATS solution, you have the power to track equipment, inventory, and staff members across your entire building to ensure complete security, efficiency, accountability, and critical asset preservation.

People and asset tracking technology in Huntsville

PATS Software

PATS software uses advanced, integrated applications and an end-user interface to provide comprehensive data on tracking, mapping, alerts, and sensor status across a designated area. With our PATS solution, you can control access to restricted areas, guide facility-wide messaging, and conduct real-time location reporting based on user, area, and time. Whether you manage smaller facilities or larger living residences spread across a multi-building complex, PATS is the only technological solution that provides a comprehensive overview on a single, centralized panel.

People & Asset Tracking System Features

PATS technology utilizes exciting, sophisticated features to tailor data, results, and management for administrative users. This single-point software solution can help you measure and manage assets and workflow processes, regardless of size or scope. With customized dashboards, PATS lets you seamlessly integrate your unique floor plan maps, tag specific personnel and equipment, and show up-to-the-moment location information when and where you want it. Using this data, you can better control entry and exit points to common areas and restricted zones and grant specific permissions to authorized groups and individuals. PATS puts you in control so you can respond to where you are needed most.

People & Asset Tracking Systems for a Broad Range of Facilities

The application of PATS in the multi-family housing and elder care market is especially beneficial, as it can be used to track residents, visitors, equipment, and authorized staff across your entire facility. Specially designed tags can be given to residents to continuously track their movements, provide health alerts, and keep them safe. Essential medical equipment and personnel can be located and utilized at a moment’s notice in an emergency. Most importantly, you can define clear boundaries for every staff member and resident and restrict access to drugs and other high-risk areas unless otherwise authorized. With PATS at your fingertips, you have the detailed reporting you need to keep everyone safe.

Contact Innoviv - IoT for PATS Installation

PATS put eyes where you need them the most. It gives you control over the exact movements of people, assets, and equipment throughout your facilities and detailed reporting to make valuable change. When you are ready to upgrade your systems to include PATS sophisticated capabilities, turn to the experts Huntsville facility managers trust the most. Schedule your appointment with the professionals at Innoviv - IoT today.

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