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Monitoring Technology for Optimal Results in Huntsville, AL

Facilities management in the housing sector is changing. It is no longer about maintaining the status quo but adding organizational and strategic value to residents and shareholders alike. To do that, facilities managers and building owners must become adept at using top technology and data to deliver insightful guidance and new services to improve their residents’ overall experience. At Innoviv - IoT, we provide innovative environmental monitoring systems to help our Huntsville clients become the driving force behind this new approach. Our company offers facilities managers more sophisticated ways to monitor, evaluate, understand, and improve their living complexes and facilities through advanced technology and give residents the ideal atmosphere they expect for their chosen facility.

Residential environmental monitoring by Innoviv -Senior IoT

The Essential Components of Environmental Monitoring

Properly monitoring your residential environments to create change doesn’t happen overnight. Working with innovative products and expert services from Innoviv - IoT, you can combine advanced technology with masterful management, understand and incorporate the universal industry steps to environmental monitoring, and create an ideal residential environment.

Monitoring the Environment

Monitoring your environment means getting accurate, measurable data using advanced analytics technology. Innoviv - IoT helps you gather this data by deploying remote sensor networks that measure everything from temperature and air composition to water quality, light levels, and more. All data is then uploaded to a server in the cloud via gateways for operational improvements.

Cataloging the Data

Collected data is given context in a process called “Datafication” to help you better understand via a statistical or analytical model. Datafication provides a better framework to comprehend the relationship of variables and ultimately answers the question “What does all this data mean?” in a quantifiable format.

Measuring the Collected Data

Once the cloud collects the data, our integrated analytics software measures it and assigns real-world values to derive insights. These analog measurements, such as saturation, acceleration, flow, and volume, are translated into digital data and placed into mathematical equations to give you a clear picture of the elements of your environment (kilowatts per hour, the concentration of chemicals, etc.).

Providing Actionable Insights Based On Data Analysis

Now you can use the data you have collected to take action to benefit your residents. Our technology will work alongside you to provide analytical perspective and context to augment your historical findings and allow you to make the right moves to avoid costly and dangerous situations for your staff and residents.

Girl showing monitoring technology in Huntsville, AL

The Goals of Environmental Monitoring

Why integrate modern technology like environmental monitoring at all? First, it’s about energy efficiency. Most residential communities do not separately meter for utilities, so it’s in the building owners’ best interest to identify waste and encourage residents to converse. Second, monitoring environmental variables helps building owners identify failing equipment. By testing system variables like operation over time, time of day, and mechanical function, we can provide real-time data and insights you can use and integrate the advanced systems you need to facilitate beneficial change.

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If you are looking to simplify your environmental monitoring process, get the advanced products and technological systems you need with Innoviv - IoT. We’ll help you collect and decipher data faster than ever before and make the right choices to optimize the environments for the residents you serve. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment.

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