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Delivering the Unparalleled Connectivity with Digital Infrastructure Huntsville, AL

Managing an apartment complex or living facility gives you many different systems to monitor at once to maintain a comfortable atmosphere for your residents. Lighting, HVAC, security, and building controls all operate independently on their own networks, requiring costly individual oversight and uniquely trained personnel. With Innoviv - IoT’s Digital Infrastructure, you have a better way. Working with our technological partners at Igor, Innoviv - IoT helps building owners and facility managers better adapt to future technology by connecting networks, improving energy usage and control, and enriching the lives of their residents.

Digital Ceiling Work in Huntsville, AL

Defining the “Digital Ceiling”

Digital Infrastructure, or the “Digital Ceiling” initiative implemented by Cisco, is an innovative Internet of Things (IoT)-based solution, which connects all building services in a single, converged IP network. Every control located in your building becomes subject to the series of interconnected sensors on the network, giving you unrivaled monitoring and control over atmospheric elements. These elements can include proximity, temperature, carbon dioxide, visual light communication, presence, and Bluetooth Low Energy.

A Broad Array of Benefits for Your Living Complex or Facility

Through the unrivaled connectivity of our Digital Infrastructure solution, your organization gains a broad range of benefits previously unavailable with individual controls:

Improved Power Efficiency

More and more property owners and facility managers are turning to updated technological systems such as Digital Infrastructure for improved efficiencies. LED lights, for instance, can be an integral part of your Digital Infrastructure system, as they are a viable central connection point for network connectivity and proven to be 20% more efficient in terms of power usage overall. This efficiency translates to improved savings year over year.

Enhanced Usage Data

The connected sensors of your Digital Infrastructure provide dynamic data regarding foot traffic, occupancy, and resource usage. With our solution in place, you can transform low-value endpoints into an invaluable IoT system resources at the push of a button.

Energy Savings

When you upgrade to a smart building with a Digital Infrastructure, all your systems stay off until a proximity sensor trips the utilities. Once the systems come online, you can control security cameras, Wi-Fi access points, lights, and A/C systems solely in that area. This type of precision utility control not only saves you more money over time it teaches your building’s Digital Infrastructure to be more intuitive and predictive, learning patterns and tailoring usage to your needs.

Informed Decisions

Digital Infrastructure lets you rely on the data, not guesswork, to make improvements to your facilities and your residents’ lives. Through the combination of better data and intrinsic analytics, you have the honest insights you need to make the right choices for your day-to-day operations.

Contact Innoviv - IoT to Realize Your Digital Ceiling

The first step towards intuitive, automated facilities management is to bring all your systems onto a single, converged network. Once you have our Digital Infrastructure in place, you can use the insights gained from real-time analytics to learn how your facilities are being used and make improvements to your residents’ quality of life. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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