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Integrate Automation Technology for your Living Facility in Huntsville, AL

For living complex owners and facility managers, the need to create the ideal living experience for their residents is never-ending. Managers see a growing need to integrate sophisticated technology to simplify daily life, provide the perfect temperature and atmospheric conditions, and keep their residents connected and engaged. More than that, they also need to show better efficiencies in their operations, lower utility costs, and real value to their organizations year over year. At Innoviv - IoT, we help our clients achieve these goals with advanced data-driven building automation technology that does more.

Our leading-edge building automation systems make it possible to control and upgrade every system – HVAC, air quality, lighting, and security – on a single, centralized platform. Our systems provide opportunities for managers and residents to interact with intuitive controls, better adjust individual atmospheric conditions to suit their needs, and improve their overall living experience every day. As we focus on our goals of efficiency and automation, our building automation systems help make residences in Huntsville, AL, more comfortable, more secure, and more efficient to match the modern conditions tenants expect.

Automation system by Innoviv -Senior IoT

Complete Building Automation Systems

Our building automation systems work to keep residents secure, comfortable, connected, and engaged in any environment. Our integrated controls work seamlessly with existing equipment and technology to create smart building capabilities and optimal living conditions. With Innoviv - IoT’s highly programmable automation systems in place throughout your entire facility, you can make savvier decisions to show enhanced operations, all while improving comfort, safety, and productivity for your occupants.

Get Control Over All Your Systems


With automated HVAC systems, you can provide unparalleled comfort to your residents in every season and gather essential atmosphere and efficiency data for your facility. Our end-to-end HVAC solutions are proven to create healthy, comfortable environments in which to live and work and allow you to customize myriad interior elements, including airflow, thermostat, room pressure controllers, and overall system efficiency. No matter what system you are operating on - ducted split systems, duct-free mini-split systems, or independent A/C, Innoviv - IoT can upgrade or retrofit our technology to give you the ultimate in control.

Indoor Air Quality

Our sophisticated building automation systems control every aspect of indoor air quality, utilizing sophisticated sensors set throughout your facility. Ventilate, humidify, filter, and deploy ultraviolet air treatments to create a safer, healthier environment for your residents without wasting the heated or cooled air inside.

Security and Automation

Advanced technological systems offer you a smarter way to protect your residents and automate your security measures. With wired and wireless solutions at the ready for your living residence or facilities, you get access to effortless revolutionary intrusion detection technology and the ability to create better boundaries to keep your tenants and staff safe.

Contact Innoviv - IoT for Better Building Automation

Today’s advanced technology allows property owners and facilities managers to better control the comfort, safety, efficiency, and health of their residents. Innoviv - IoT offers the solutions to automate these efforts and collect valuable building data to make better decisions. When you’re ready to take your automation to the next level, reach out to our professionals, and we’ll help you discover all the ways you can improve the overall living experience. Contact us to schedule your appointment.

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